About us

We are a company already known for years on the Italian market, which is characterized by the hard work to ensure high levels of quality of service to our customers looking to optimize every element of our store, so that our customers always have the certainty of having made the best choice by purchasing from Alansocks.it

Alansocks.it is a website that belongs to the company DonFan s.r.l with a registered office in Milan, and offers its customers a fast and efficient service, it also offers a wide range of lingerie, hosiery and intimate that the customer can find on the internet.

Our products are always available and ready for delivery, so our customer, buying from us is always safe to receive the items chosen and purchased, and most of all as soon as possible.

Donfan srl
Via Niccolini 25 Ang Via Paolo Sarpi 26 20154 Milano Italia 
P.iva: 06514000964
Cell: 3661888939 / Cell: 3661886622